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Peppermint Pattie by tetrisman64

I hate to say it, but I've seen practically identical ponies plenty of times before, the color scheme is incredibly simplistic and comm...

NaVi Child - Avatar by dyramisty

Much of the details are fairly impressive, though there are some slight differences between this and the original. First of all, Na'vi ...




Elder Scrolls Mystery Adopts -bid- -custom- by NekromantiaFox
Elder Scrolls Mystery Adopts -bid- -custom-
I'm in need of money, so I've decided to finally put these cute little mystery bottle adopts up for bid. Each character will be drawn in chibi style, but a free full-detail headshot will be thrown in once we pass the auto bid. Adopts can be human, pony, or anthro with your choice of species and gender. Ingredients go as follows: Fire salts, troll fat, frost salts, and vampire dust. Must pay using PayPal with USD currency.
AB- 15
SB- 3

Any help would be appreciated.

Edit- The Vampire Dust adopt has been purchased at auto buy price. The Frost Salts adopt has been purchased at starting bid price.
Couple's Maternity Image (commission) by NekromantiaFox
Couple's Maternity Image (commission)
This was a  twenty dollar commission I had received from a client on Facebook (Ris Fenrit) of her hybrid character with her partner's Chameleon character, Kunii. The colors came out quite a bit darker than what I had planned, but this isn't my first time drawing Risquette either, so I suppose I should've known better. This is, however, gonna be the first commission that I ever will be shipping out to it's commissioners.

Yes, I am aware that his arm is slightly off.


Artwork (c) NekromantiaFox
Characters (c) Ris Fenrit and Adam Vaillancourt

Edit- Ris' new user is Ally Rose
Peppermint Pattie by tetrisman64
I hate to say it, but I've seen practically identical ponies plenty of times before, the color scheme is incredibly simplistic and common, and I can't hardly give you much for technique because the piece was created using PonyCreator, which is rightfully owned by another DefiantArt user. Obviously the design is popular, so iobviously the color scheme isn't bad by any means. I'd likely give a 1.5-2 rating overall for this, but please do keep improving at what you do. I would suggest using trying out some different color schemes, personally, and maybe using bases rather than PonyCreator. In all honesty, it's nice, but it doesn't really capture the style correctly. I feel like you might have done some alterations to the typical PonyCreator stuff? I may we wrong, but there seems to be less of a blunt slope on the face and there isn't any shading on right legs.


NekromantiaFox's Profile Picture
Lyssa Bass
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
~All artwork posted to this account is copyright to NekromantiaFox. You are not to redistribute my artwork without proper permission and I do retain the right to take legal actions if I so desire to. You are not to trace, copy, or alter my artwork in any way, shape or form. Doing so is in direct violation of copyright laws. If you have a question concerning an art piece, please direct it to one of my art accounts or my email. I will NOT tolerate art theft.~

I am an aspiring young artist by the name of Alyssa Bass. I typically work traditional medias, and am particularly fond of pencil and watercolors specifically. I specialize in anthro artwork, as well as tattoo designs, ponies, and pinups. However, I am also more than willing to venture into the realms of feral and human artwork. I prefer not to draw in an "anime" or manga style because I feel it is overused. This decision has nothing to do with my skill level, and I may sometimes decide to draw something of that matter, but it's not really my interest.

YES - commissions
MAYBE - trades
NO - requests

I hope to someday make a living off of my's my passion and my life. However, I no longer take requests as I did when I was younger, because I wish to develop a reputation for more than just that.

My FA-…
My FB-…
My Email-
My Weasyl-
My (personal) Tumblr-
My (art) Tumblr-

I also manage two youtube channels.

For controversial topics-
Enigmatic Wisp

For art and covers-
Hey everybody! I'm currently taking commissions. I need the money pretty badly because the last person who commissioned me (for what was basically an adopt) completely flaked out and I was never paid. I've been looking into buying something very specific for weeks now and I can't afford it without just a little bit more money.

I'd greatly appreciate it if you would consider me. None of the prices are 100 percent set in stone at this moment in time, but I do have all the base prices drawn out. I am willing to draw anthro, human, tattoo designs, ponies, adoptables, feral, and chibis. If you look below, you'll probably notice that I don't have prices listed for humans or tattoo designs, and this is because they vary far more than my other available commissions. If you're considering buying from me, please feel free to send me a note. You can find my nsfw work on my fa (NekromantiaFox) and please feel free to send a friend request to my fb (Enii Echo Bass) and like my page (Nekromantia Designs). I can only accept payment through PayPal.

Headshot- 8
Fullbody- 10-12
Ref sheet- 13-15
Adoptable- 10-13

Headshot- 10-15
Fullbody- 15-18
Ref sheet- 18-25
Adoptable- 10-13

Headshot- 6-7
Fullbody- 10-12
Ref sheet- 13-15
Adoptable- 10-13

All chibis cost exactly 8 dollars. Ill add a basic background for 3 dollars more as well. You will be expected to pay once you've approved the starting sketch (I will be sending wip pictures before then too)

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