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Alyssa Bass
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
^ Character By ME

Hello. I'm Alyssa! I'm an aspiring young student who loves a good challenge. I often take requests, so feel free to ask if you want something. However, sometimes I need supplies and in these casses I may only offer a commission price based on the difficulty of the task. I can be seen drawing, watching anime, singing in my band, or even writing fanfictions on occasion.

Hallo. Ich bin Alyssa! Ich bin ein aufstrebender junger Student liebt eine gute Herausforderung. Ich oft Anfragen, so fühlen sich frei zu Fragen, ob Sie etwas wollen. Jedoch manchmal brauche ich Lieferungen und in diese Casses kann ich nur einen Kommission Preis basierend auf die Schwierigkeit der Aufgabe anbieten. Ich kann gesehen werden Zeichnung, Anime, gerade in meiner Band singen oder Fanfictions sogar gelegentlich zu schreiben.
We all know that it's been a fair while since I've been able to really give my profile the type of attention that it desperately needs. I've been tired, busy, and incredibly stressed, but I've finally say down and came to the conclusion that a change needs to be made. I'll be going from one site to another adjust things as need be, and once that is all set up I'll be able to post a lot more artwork (I've been working on several new pieces, including a really adorable ref she's/design commission for a specific Ally Rose on deviantart). I know not all of you will really have much care or interest in what I have to mention here, and that's why I've set them up into these little groups.

    Quite frankly, I gather a really huge amount of stress from Facebook alone. I admin two individual groups that are both going through drastic management changes and I've been getting a lot of really cruel criticism as a result as well. It took some time to determine what course of action to take, but I did eventually decide that it would be best to simply fix what had to be fixed and then take a brief hiatus from both of them. If you'd still like to join I will be managing requests still (for the groups Fur-Hub and Anti Art Theft(AAT)). As far as my own personal profile goes, I'll be cracking down a lot as of today in that I won't be accepting nearly as many requests. I'll do my best to avoid drama, but in the instance that something negative is posted I want to be certain that I can trust the people I have allowed into my account as a "friend". My FB art page "Nekromantia Designs" will remain up for as long as my profile on Facebook exists.

    I'm actually going to be changing quite a large amount when it comes down to my tumblr blogs. My primary blog will remain, as per usual and you can find it at and my art blog can be located at and I will start posting more to my art blog soon (nsfw warning). On the other hand, all of my other blogs are going to be removed because, quite frankly, I really can't keep up. It's not that I don't want to, mearly that managing so many different things at once along with school is starting to make my life a bit difficult and I apologies for that.

Personal blog~
Art blog~

    I currently actually only have one image posted on FA, which is a bit of a shame when you consider it. I'll be posting a lot more there, same as with here, rest assured.

    Wow. I have literally nothing on Weasyl. Yeah, I'll be fixing that at some point too.


Thank you,

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word of advice: dont even bother with MYkan. He is the Chris Chan of MLP fans, a retarted antibrony who thinks the show characters are actually real and trying to brainwash him into believing friendship is awesome, something this little holocaust denying, rape supporting, despotism worshipping asshole hates to the bones because he wants to die as a lonely virgin, just because a few cartoons did not end the way he wanted them.
He creates all his pony shit out of spite, tuinking Hasbro would still one day adapt it into an actual show. Yeah.. too bad his stuff is pretty much plagiarizing shit like the Teletubbies and Power Rangers and he wants to brutally kill Twilight Sparkle on screen. Only because he is not allowed to simply rape her, which is one of his sex fantasies.
NekromantiaFox Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
That's a really awkward way of putting it.
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and absolutely true if you are familiar with the shit he pulls up. just try and look him up on youtube and encyclopedia dramatica.
NekromantiaFox Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I talked to him a little...he doesn't seem like a HORRIBLE person, but he definitely needs a new vent place and possibly a therapist.
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