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Lyssa Bass
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
~All artwork posted to this account is copyright to NekromantiaFox. You are not to redistribute my artwork without proper permission and I do retain the right to take legal actions if I so desire to. You are not to trace, copy, or alter my artwork in any way, shape or form. Doing so is in direct violation of copyright laws. If you have a question concerning an art piece, please direct it to one of my art accounts or my email. I will NOT tolerate art theft.~

I am an aspiring young artist by the name of Alyssa Bass. I typically work traditional medias, and am particularly fond of pencil and watercolors specifically. I specialize in anthro artwork, as well as tattoo designs, ponies, and pinups. However, I am also more than willing to venture into the realms of feral and human artwork. I prefer not to draw in an "anime" or manga style because I feel it is overused. This decision has nothing to do with my skill level, and I may sometimes decide to draw something of that matter, but it's not really my interest.

YES - commissions
MAYBE - trades
NO - requests

I hope to someday make a living off of my's my passion and my life. However, I no longer take requests as I did when I was younger, because I wish to develop a reputation for more than just that.

My FA-…
My FB-…
My Email-
My Weasyl-
My (personal) Tumblr-
My (art) Tumblr-

I also manage two youtube channels.

For controversial topics-
Enigmatic Wisp

For art and covers-

Profile image (c) Wave-Line
Character (c) NekromantiaFox

~I rarely, If ever, roleplay. I will only do so using the accounts noted, if at all, and only with specific people I know well. I do not authorize anybody else to roleplay or use my characters without expressed, written permission from one of the above accounts. As such, if you see anybody doing so that is NOT me, please notify me immediately.~
    My fursona is a direct representation of myself within the furry fandom, and I've been spending the last few months designing her to every little specification that I deem necessary. I do have multiple fursonas, but I've finally decided on a single primary, who I will use to represent myself more than the others..

..::Enigma Wisp Hollow::..

    I'll likely be writing a complete bio for her later on, but I am simply too busy to get to something so time consuming at this moment in time. My fursona is a corgi/aussie "supernatural" hybrid. Through the creation of my fursona, I've also discovered several things about myself that I feel I need to finally open up and admit. To begin, I'm genderfluid. For years I've never truly had a full comprehension of what that meant, but a friend of mine spoke with me and helped me come to understand what it was. At the time this was brought up, I was looking into a distinctly male fursona, a femboy to be precise. This piqued her interest, and we entered a very lengthy conversation on my sexual and gender identity. There have been times throughout my lifetime where I simply didn't feel right in my body. Sometimes events brought it about, but when it did happen I felt as though there was something missing....specifically below the belt. There have also been times, however, when I didn't quite feel like I was a boy or a female, like it didn't matter, but even more than this I've found myself in a jumbled mix of emotions as what I identify as "both". I'm very comfortable in my skin for the most part, however, and I could never properly consider myself a transsexual because well...I'm just not. It's not something I can truly explain well, it's just one of those things that you know and you FEEL. Sometimes it felt like I was crumbling, like I had been born completely wrong and that I was wrong, everything was wrong. I've felt this was on and off since I was very little, but always leaned towards female. One might even argue that I was an incredibly "girly" girl in my younger years, which is why when I do feel male I often catch myself imaging a "feminine" male. This isn't always the case, but it is fairly common. I'm still trying to really find myself though, and trust me....this hasn't been an impulsive thing at all for me. I've spent a very very long amount of time contemplating and trying to determine absolutely every single detail so I can be certain I'm not just having a "phase". I'm not.


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Enigma Badge by NekromantiaFox
Enigma Badge
*I don't watermark badge images
I got around to scanning that badge I fixed up of my fursona, Enigma. I think it came out really well, and I simply cant wait to get it laminated and ready~♥ I'm gonna start commissioning her soon too, so that's definitely something to look forward to. I'm adapting my style somewhat, though not a whole lot. I'm honestly really proud of Enii, after all she's me (or at least how I feel I am inside). Enigma is a mutt, with a purebred mother (who's a Corgi) and a mutt father (who contains several DNA strands, consisting of Jack Russell, Bull Terrier, Pitbull, and also Australian Sheppard). She's a somewhat supernatural character, in that her mother is also a mute banshee, and her father is an incubus. This may or may not change later on. She's a tattoo artist.

This was a nice little break from commissions for a while~

Enigma (c) NekromantiaFox
Artwork (c) NekromantiaFox
Please do not redistribute, claim, or alter in any way, shape or form.
Cameo Reference Commission by NekromantiaFox
Cameo Reference Commission
I went over several deadlines to complete this commission, and to that I humbly apologize to both my commissioner and my watchers. That not considered, I think this commission came out amazingly. I picked up some tricks along the way, so there are things that I would have done differently given the chance, but the final product is still very nice and I'm pretty proud of it. The commissioner paid for me to create and then draw a reference sheet of a character based upon her specifications. I had a LOT of leeway, which is great because, quite honestly, character design is one of my favorite things to do. The character is a hybrid between a jellyfish, a raven, and a ferret (otherwise known as a Jelly Ravette).

Character (C) Ally Rose on Facebook. She is the only person who has the right to redistribute and use this artwork in any way, shape or form. Doing so without permission is in direct violation of both mine and her copyright. Please message me if you seek other ways to contact her. Only the character owner has access t the unwatermarked version of this image.
Artwork (C) NekromantiaFox.

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